• No. Since we sell exclusively online there is no boutique or showroom where you can inspect our carpets before buying them. We are located in the south of Sweden.

    Our customer service is always ready to answer your questions if you require any extra advice regarding colours, materials, additional pictures or anything else. 

    You have 100 days purchase on approval when ordering from us, and can return the carpet if it doesn't meet your expectations - no questions asked. 

  • No. The stipulated dimensions do not include the fringes. The length is related strictly to the rug itself.

  • Yes. All carpets we offer are suitable for floors with underfloor heating. Of course, the heating should be operated in normal temperature ranges.

  • Our newly produced carpets are classified as 0-20 years. If a carpet is not newly produced, there is a good chance that they have had a previous owner, however, the carpets are all cleaned and inspected for any defects before we put them on the website. 

    0-20 years
    The carpet has been manufactured within those years. It is new and has never been used. It is very difficult to say the exact time when a carpet was knotted, but you can expect that it was likely within the last 5 years.

    20-50 years
    The carpets may have been used at some point in time, or simply could have been in storage. Some carpet sellers store their carpets for some time with the hope that they may increase in value. Some of these carpets classified in this group are carpets that are becoming rare and hard to come by.


    50-100 years
    If a carpet is marked as being between 50-100 years, this means they are semi-antique. These are considered to be very valuable as they have the semi-antique mark, and also consists of rare carpets.


    These are carpets classified as being over 100 years old.

  • No. We are only able to offer the sizes shown on our website. 

    If you want a carpet of a certain size, you can refine your search by using the maximum and minimum size tool to find the available carpets.

    Our Customer Service is also happy to assist you in finding the perfect carpet for your home.

  • If you know what kind of carpet or carpet style you are looking for, type it into the search bar or use our categories.

    You can search by, for example, carpet style, name or origin. 

    You can refine your search by color, size, shape, carpet style, material, etc. by using our search filters or sort the items based on price or relevance. 

  • The care instructions for the carpet of course vary depending on the material. However, we always recommend that you turn to a professional carpet cleaner in your area to do the job. We do not recommend that you attempt to wash the carpet yourself.

    If you handle your carpet properly, you will not need to take it to a carpet cleaner very often. Read more about carpet care, maintenance, and stain removal on our Encyclopedia page.

    We also sell a stain remover that is effective against most stains.

  • All sizes and colors of carpets we have in stock are shown on our website. If a size or a color is not visible online, it is, unfortunately, sold out at the moment. In case another customer chooses to return it, the size/color might be back in stock. We would suggest that you check back in a couple of weeks. 

    It might occur though that a sold-out style will be restocked if it's not a unique carpet. Our Customer Service will be happy to answer any questions regarding stock availability. 


    Unique rugs
    Since there is only one rug produced, it is not available in other sizes or colors. Feel free to try using our search filter to find suitable alternatives or our customer service will be happy to help you find a similar rug.

  • Yes. It is very common for carpets to shed during the first few weeks, especially in high traffic areas, making it easy to spot small fibers. Do not worry – loose and excess fibers from the rug are characteristics of the material used.